Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Loss

Speaking of reading other bloggers, one of the moms I read just lost one of her babies.  So much heartache.  Not just a few flashbacks.  Hoping no one wanders over to my desk right now because tears are not good for business.

And not that it's important but this particular mom would have been one that I'd lumped into the 'hysterically funny' category, not in 'traveling similar road'.  It seems trite to categorize - these are people sharing their lives, or bits of their lives - am not paying for performance art here.  Sometimes I forget that.  I shouldn't.  Tragic news always comes from behind in a sucker punch.

Though maybe not total surprise.  She'd had a difficult pregnancy.  I kept reading. 

After we lost Brennan, people felt compelled to tell me their stories  - the exact same thing happened to their cousin's sister.  But then she had 16 more babies!  And she's fine!  Other people were just silent.  I read through the comments and the advice & references were already pouring in.  Bandaids over amputated limbs.  I am grateful someone took photos of Brennan for us.  I hope she does that.  I think most maternity wards know to do that now - we also got a blanket, a memory box, footprints, etc.  I did not care for the hospital bracelet.  It was a mocking reminder my baby never needed it.  There must be a protocol somewhere - standardized institutional response to grief.  It strikes me that it IS common enough that they have a standardized institutional response to grief.  Sad.

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