Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because complete sentences and coherent paragraphs are Hard

The Good:
---My various in laws:  for taking care of my son last week and my girl on Wednesday AND FOR CLEANING MY HOUSE. 
  But also awesome.
  (just for the record YOUR SON is supposed to clean the bathroom)
---My girl:  who's healthy & who was nice to her grandparents.
---Free lunches:  literally, from random vendors. With enough leftovers for the kids' dinner
   (is that lazy? gross? or super-duper practical?)
---My boy:  who said, "Well, if you don't understand something, you just have to think about it harder."  (Nevermind that he was talking about a video game). 
---Matt's boss:  who gave him a gift card for the movies just 'cause we've had all the Drama lately.  How sad is it that my first thought was NOT date night, but rather Whoo-Hoo! When can you watch the kids?  I like to think I'm a generous person.  I donate blood.  I shared my leftovers.  With my hungry children.  But movies are sacred.  Do.Not.Eat.My.Precious.Precious.Popcorn.
---My family:  who, when I gave a shout out for more emails, inundated me with Crazy and kept me happy, even if I couldn't keep up with the chatter.  I think we're responsible for half the NSA's time.

The Bad:
The news:  Not just The News, but the little things I keep hearing.  The guy from the cleaning crew just lost his wife.  Heard he lost 2 kids in a fire a couple years ago and one of his two living kids has xxxxxx "a diagnosis which probably requires an IEP".  He hadn't struck me as old enough to have kids, much less 4.  Heartbreaking. 

~~~~Edited to add:  It was pointed out to me that "a diagnosis" doesn't reach the same level of tragedy as losing your spouse and two children which... yikes.  Yes, OF COURSE not the same thing.  NOT AT ALL.  I get bristly myself when anyone suggests my own girl's diagnosis is any way sad or unfortunate.  But I also know that sometimes IEP meetings and the things that require them can be, um, challenging.  Complicating?  Just One More Thing.  I was thinking that this guy probably had enough to deal with.  But that implies that he has to "deal with" his kid which isn't what I meant either so I'm just going to stop typing.  Now.

The Ugly:
The duvet cover:  With 3 dogs.  When you allow pity to creep in after you get home late and so let them all upstairs on the day it shoots from 10 degrees to 70 (weather whiplash!) melting the snow and turning the backyard into a swamp which you forget about till it is TOO LATE.

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