Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shiny Pink... Lava

Other miscellaneous photos from the weekend. 

She was clearly confused by this top.  I have completely abandoned the pretense that my daughter wasn't to wear pink (whoistheprettyprettygirl?!) but ruffles AND sequins are new.

Where are the sleeves, Mom?  
It's obviously been a long winter.

It also must have been confusing not to have jammies on, for once.
Because this is usually how we roll:

We ended up not going to park on Sunday after all - neighbor friends came over.  I caught them all lined up watching ONE play ds  - including my girl.  Which was adorable  Though I immediately kicked them outside because it was also ridiculous.  So they then immediately started swinging big sticks at each other as they explored the knee deep mud lava pools.  *Boys*

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