Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Of Bears and Badgers and Bananas, Oh My!

So my panic yesterday was partly triggered by the fact that I worked late and both kids were asleep when I got home.  Worst Mom Ever.  Also, mostly, because when we were trying to find an overdue library book for the boy I found missy's flash cards on the desk and could not remember the last time we used them.  But if we're going to play fair, my girl did spontaneously sign banana at the store over the weekend as I was muttering about where the heck they were (fyi, non-parent-store-owners, everyone else keeps them front & center) - something I wasn't totally convinced she had the finger isolation skills to do.  And tonight, as I was putting her to sleep, she asked for milk.  She also signed food but she was clearly not signing sleepy baby or goodnight, as she is otherwise wont to do.  And she said thank you after I got it for her.

So there's that.

Not a total non sequitur:  she is VERY particular about her books.  Her two favorites, by far, are Bear Snores On and Big Red Barn.  Anything else may or may not acceptable on any given night.  She'll grab my arm and pull it in if she deigns to listen, but will either push away or, best, take the book and toss it if deemed unworthy.  I'm not trying to encourage this but... funny.  She's also quite particular about sitting square on my lap - I'm wondering how to sign and read at the same time as I hold the book, and her?  Not that I could even remotely translate, but I could probably hit a few of the major nouns:  Bear. Sheep. Cow. Mouse.  Moon.  I've been signing 'cat' for eons but she thinks it's a finger wave, because she won't turn around to look at me whilst the books are open, so I end up signing it in front of her. 

Also, the Bear book involves a badger and a mole - when else will those signs come in handy?  How do you explain the difference between rodents to a 2 year old?  And?  There's a slight chance she thinks the Bear is a dog.  Huh.

Complete non sequitur:   Genes Day was approved!  Though with any luck I will be drinking mimosas with my family on 3/21 instead of working (spring break).  The coward in me is a little relieved I'll miss the fuss - or, to be precise, the sure-to-be emotional turmoil of wondering why various people were too cheap forgetful to participate when it is so very very important to me and the sure-to-be-painful overheard comments near the coffee machine. 

Who are we raising money for again?
For the.... 

The chances of anyone answering this in even a remotely politically correct/people first way are microscopic.  I do have some fabulous one liners ready but they are so devastating in nature I'd surely be immediately terminated for gross insubordination (Kidding!  Mostly.).  But still - a step forward.  Cheers!


  1. So what does it say about me that I worked late last night and missed bedtime and LOVED it? :-)

    We never did flashcards. Like, ever. Language is definitely my son's biggest delay. But he's finally speaking in sentences and it's a real kick. Your daughter will get there. I promise!

  2. Trust me, there are those nights too. The worst are when you get home so late they SHOULD BE in bed but other parental figure ....oops! Hi Matt!