Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Blues

[We seem to be stuck on a couple themes here lately - This would be SAD II]

I have been fighting an incredibly foul mood lately which settled this morning into a serious case of ...really, really not happy. I dunno if they're causes or just something to sulk about, but Matt's car is back in the shop with something adjacent too but possibly naturally not covered by the new transmission warranty, I just told my family that I can't go on their annual exotic vacation AGAIN (that would be six years in a row now.  If I muttered something about damn pregnancies & the damn kids you'd know I was joking, right?), and...hell, I don't know, isn't that enough?  Oh! And it's still cold.

So instead of boring everyone, including myself, with the usual affirmations, these-are-first-world-problems, look-at-everything-that's-going-well, at-least-you-have-your-health, this is what I came home to today:

Lemons, from Gigi, off my tree that I left in her capable hands, even though we callously left her & SoCal behind for the glories of the snow & ice here in flyover country.  We miss you Gigi!

My girl, who likes broccoli.

My boy's spur of the moment Mommy's Home! valentine.

This guy.  Who might possibly, hopefully, bust me out of town for a day, even if it is a business trip but which will nonetheless substitute for a mini-vacation.  Room Service!

These guys, patiently waiting for my girl's leftovers.

Or, not so patiently... Caught!

Happy Monday To Me!

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