Sunday, February 13, 2011


Welcome Home Little Girl!

Mommy and Daddy are so thrilled you are back home with us.  We missed Healthy Baby.  Though I suppose you aren't really a baby anymore.  I still call your almost-6 year old brother Baby Boy, which he laughs at, but I tell him that you'll both always be my babies and mommies get to say that. I look forward to threatening to use it in front of his friends in high school.

You were pretty sick there for a bit, Little Miss. Not really REALLY sick, which you have been before, but sick enough to stay with the Axis of Evil nice people in yellow quarantine gowns. Mommy got a little freaked out in the head, despite the "not really REALLY" part, because it reminded her of how sick you were when you were a baby and how if anything happened to you (or your brother) then the world would just stop turning, the sun would go dark, and all the flowers and trees would turn to dust.

Don't pull any stunts like that again, 'k? 

You and your brother bring us so much joy. When mommy was younger and cavorting around the world having grand adventures I thought that folks living in the suburbs with a couple o' kids must lead the dullest lives. I had no idea. Living with you, showing you new things, and watching as you find your own new things is magic.  There is absolutely no purer moment of bliss than when you give me a hug and pat me on the back. You are so much clearer now about what you want - you had the doctors cracking up because (in calmer moments) you would pick up my hand and move it HERE MOM and then you'd pat my hand. You will also stick your elbow in my face because, mysteriously, you like it when I kiss your elbow.  You are signing all the time now, independent of my suggestions.  I wish you had a few more fine motor skills because I have feeling you have novels inside your head, waiting only for the means to express them. The dogs make you laugh and you love feeding them while you eat and throwing dropping their toys for them. You'll soon throw them far, I'm sure.

You are also so funny. You love to play peek a boo, and tag.  You are just an inch away from full tilt running but right now, when you are chasing me with your chunky toddler speed walking, I can't help but stop so you can catch me and so I can scoop you up and kiss you. You love to share and will hand me your sippy cups and sticky bits of your meal to enjoy. I always take them and say thank you. It makes you smile. Then when I hand you sippy cup back you say thank you. It sounds like "dee-dee".  I wish you said Mama but I also find it hysterical that your second word is thank you. Gotta love a polite child.  Your first word was happy.

You are also a little hellion. You regularly move the step stools around so you can access the kitchen counters. Your various therapists think this is fabulous problem solving skill but, I'll admit, the novelty has worn off a bit because the counters aren't always clear of sharp knives and breakable bits. Yes, it's mommy's job to keep the sharp knives away from you but sometimes I'd much rather play tag or snuggle than load the dishwasher. We also don't give you plates yet because when you tire of your food you hurl the plates onto floor and break them.  Come to think of it, you should be able to throw the dogs' toys farther, given the velocity those plates achieve.  If you don't outgrow this quickly, we're going to have buy plastic plates, which mommy isn't a big fan of, and which will just allow you to give more of your food to the dogs faster.  You also love to explore, just like your brother. Your therapy people want you sit down and activate noise & light things, and do puzzles, but you're much happier emptying out the drawers and cabinets. Your curiosity inspires me, even if I grumble about the messes. You are also fascinated with water.  Which is why even your brother automatically shuts the bathroom door now.  Also why we have developed a bizarre system & schedule for the dogs' water bowls because if you have access, you will immediately dump the water all over yourself and the floor. You have an uncanny radar for water. Sometimes you try to drink from the dog bowls, if we forget to move them, which makes mommy laugh, but I haven't taken any pictures of this because I don't want anyone to ever make fun of you.  Ever. 

Your fascination with water has also given mommy a little tic inside her head. Your daddy and his family have some OCD tendencies. Nothing to worry about, their houses are just really clean and every now and then daddy will get a thing about bridges, or escalators. But not so bad that we have to take the long way home.  Mommy has previously mocked this ruthlessly not fully understood Daddy but now I am worried about any water you might be drawn to, and get stuck in. Please be careful.

We love you and your brother more than the earth and sky. Thank you for being with us. 

Editor's note:  The boy's off at a birthday party and the girl's napping.  Matt had to go to work.  We did spend one more night in the hospital but I was happy we did and since we probably blew our annual insurance deductible on night 2, there was no harm. I just poured myself a large glass of wine - nevermind the hour - and am off to snoggle my DVR.  I might not be around for a couple days because I have to put in 120 hours or something this coming week.  Or I might need a break. Will see how it goes. 


  1. You just brought tears to my eyes as I read this. The love you express for your children tells me that you are one who "gets it". I now know that you will understand why I'm feeling so sentimental about MY baby boy getting married in a few short months. After all, I still remember so clearly when he was your children's ages. Cherish the time of your life; it all goes so quickly.

    I'm glad that you're back home and that all is well.

  2. I am so glad you are home! enjoy the wine and tv.

    love this post. so so true. we took the littles to a movie yesterday and it was so much fun, and I was thinking about there's no way I could ever have explained to my pre-kid self how much fun it would be to do something so routine, with kids.

  3. Oh I'm so glad she is better. Sounds like a pipperooni, right up my alley! Over from Cate and Maya's!