Wednesday, March 23, 2011


C Chocolate bunnies in airplanes, brought special to the kids all the way from Switzerland by the ever awesome Auntie M.

A  Adventures, attempted alone.

L  Looking glass, for dancing.

Interest in a new game, thanks to Papa.

F  Family, of course.
The only photo approved for publication.

O Outside, at the park, being adorable.
Check out the park - Pretty AND fenced. Not that my children would ever try to bolt. Nooooo.

R  Rainclouds, naturally, the one week we're here.

N  Nincompoop, who packed at 4am and brought two things of hair gel for herself, but not the girl's antibiotics, nor an extra pair of pants for the boy. 
[Ha!  No photos here ... not a chance!]

I  Into the rabbit hole, sort of.

A  Amazing acrobatic feats.

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  1. Whoa, you are creative! I am impressed with the clever documenting of your wonderful trip. And your kids are adorable.