Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Always last to the party

It is a fact I am not proud of, but I am usually the last one to hop on the trend train.  Hence my whoo-hoo super-hip 2010 blogging debut.  I was the last person in America to get a phone with a camera, a whooping 3 years ago (it goes without saying I don't have an iphone yet), and I don't own an ipod (*gasp!*) - because how will you ever hear the new stuff if you're always listening to the songs you already know?  Back in the day when oil was still $10 a barrel, I scorned the yuppy-ness that was Starb**ks.... till I actually bought a cup and spiraled down like a heroin addict in an evidence locker.  In 2001 I was driving a 15 year old Volvo with over 250k on the odometer because I thought it was quirky and cool to drive something with character.  Till my darling husband cut off my mechanic after the entire exhaust system died (damn CA environmentalists) and I drove a brand new version at the dealer.  Oh!  That brand new car smell!  And leather seats!  Without the oozing stuffing! Bliss. 

Also, some of my very very favorite people in the world I was meh about when I first met them.  [Not YOU, of course.  I adored you from the start].  But this is a known character flaw and at this stage of the game I realize I take a while to warm up so try to withold judgment.  For at least a couple days.  Though this still leaves me 5+ years behind the techie people.  (And I'll spare you my thoughts on Twitter - because evidently I'll reverse myself in 2013).

Anywhoodle, I was feeling a little self-conscious about my favorites bar because I do usually check it in the morning at work and it was getting a little crazy as I tried to catch up on the blogosphere - then my computer crashed and the IT guys started poking around and "what were you doing when it crashed?"....  NOTHING.  Nothing you need to worry about.  Can't you just fix the thing-a-ma-jiggle?

So Google has this thing called a Reader....  Amazing!  Convenient!  User friendly! 

You may commence mocking....NOW.

[I have to wonder though - I have a bad habit of editing the next morning.  Do you get two copies?  Does it automatically update?  Technology is such a mystery.]


  1. No we don't get two copies. Isn't reader amazing (but very addicting)! I can relate to the slow to warm thing. I'm that way about tv shows- I only like them when they are in syndication!

  2. Agreed - Most of my fav shows I didn't pick up till they were actually cancelled, nevermind the interim rave reviews (critics? what do they know?). Though it actually makes it easier to watch when they're on 12 hrs a day on TBS or USA. One weekend w/the DVR and you've watched a whole season. No need for annoying cliffhangers!