Monday, March 14, 2011


My two boys are en route to see Gigi tonight - a quick 48 hour daddy-boy trip courtesy of Matt's new flight bennies.  And my girl went to bed early because the cold is lingering.*  There are domestic things to tend to, including finding the mysteriously missing new shoes which generated upwards of FIVE phone calls as they were leaving (Different shoes!  Just have him wear different shoes!), but I'm going to pour a glass of wine, make popcorn, paint my toes, and turn off the news.  Seeking a moment of serenity, despite the devastation and the horrific new video on cnn. 

*I was originally going to write about her cold that improves for 12 hrs, only to return in the wee hours with a fever, and the weather, which improves ONLY TO SNOW AGAIN TODAY, but I have tired of both topics and need to make Important Decisions.... about my feet.  Red?  Maroon?  Burgundy?


  1. thanks for the comments and the support. It is hard but it is happening and we are moving in the right direction and some days that is easier than others. The thing is I know that there are a lot of other mamas out there dealing with the same things and the same feelings and that is why I am as honset as I am, cause it needs to be said.
    Hope the wee one is on the mend soon.