Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wise for his size

We send my son to Catholic school. 

[THERE.  I said it]

I have oceans of conflicting emotions about this but in the end, it's a good school for him.  I'm (obviously) not Catholic, Matt is, and even if we wanted to explore other options, there aren't too many within car pool range.  I desperately wanted both kids to go to the same school for a while but the numbers eventually sunk in - they are 3 years apart and any overlapping attendance would be minimal.  [...I'm nobly going to restrain myself from expressing how I feel about the C.Church's position on special ed.] 

Anyway, that by way of explaining why my son announced he's giving up soda for Lent. 

WHAAA?  He's had maybe two sodas since Christmas. Even Matt, connoisseur of all that can be secured from the comfort of his own vehicle, gets him milk with his Happy Meal.  I pointed this out but he shrugged and, in perfect 5.5 5.75 year old logic, basically said that yes, well, that'll make it easier to give up. 

At least he knows how to work the system.

He's also grown TWO sizes in the last 6 months.  Evidenced here by what I just noticed are now his "skinny jeans".  And you can see his knees hitting the handlebars in the background of photo#2.  His birthday is coming up - if we get him an adult-sized bike, he apparently should be able to ride it by September.  
Picnic.  Training wheels coming off shortly!  Yes, we are slacker parents

Picture of health.


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  1. Nice to meet you!

    I'm pretty vague about our location too...I simply refer to where we live now as "The Village".

    And yep, it was Long Beach...and it was BEAUTIFUL! If that's your hometown, I could see why the winters in my hometown would be a shock. :)