Saturday, June 25, 2011

The birthday present to end all birthday presents.

I was carded today!  And the super awesome nice lady who requested my ID was probably in her 20s.  That she'd probably also card our Gigi is irrelevant.  I still liked her.  It was the best 39th birthday present EVER - because I'm easy like that and apparently that vain. 
That is all. 

No, no just kidding.  Not about being carded.  Shocking and unnecessary as it was, that really happened... (Is she STILL talking about that?  Yes, yes I am.  I might casually mention this for weeks.  Poor Matt). ...No, I was just kidding about being done.  More odds & ends:

The internet is a strange place.  There's a post I wrote in February while my girl was in hospital with RSV that still gets more traffic, week after week, than anything else I've ever posted.  I've done that a couple times - saved a post under favorites instead of the home page and then kept clicking back, waiting.  Is someone out there wondering why I haven't written anything in four months?  If so, they're persistent.

Speaking of respiratory issues, I've had a dry hacking cough for two weeks now, it's getting worse instead of better, and it's starting to annoy the hell out of me.  According to Dr. Google I either have lung cancer or, um, a dry hacking cough.  Helpful, that. 

While at the store buying wine which super awesome nice lady thought I might be too young to buy (Still on that?  Clearly, YES!)... I succumbed to the s'mores display and stocked up.  The boy & I already had an agreement wherein if he napped he would be able to stay up for movies & a lightening bug sweep.  Except we're mid-lightening storm so we opted against standing in the wet grass.  We tried both the griddle and the microwave and while the boy was happy, they weren't quite as good as when I was 6 and they were cooked over an open fire.  We have got to take him camping.  Not sure about the girl yet - she's at the height of the toddler-wandering-off stage and walls are useful for the not-losing-her-in-the-forest plan.

And, in one more dizzying non-sequitur, but just because it's funny and I still don't have any other pictures to post, my sister and her new husband stopped by for a night a couple weeks ago on their way back to school from DC (where they'd been working/fellowship-ing/something).   Believe it or not they actually made it across the entire country without any tickets or major mechanical repairs, though I would have put good money down against it.
Yeh-Haw!  San Diego Hillbillies! 
[Photo by the groom?]


  1. The image is much more "hillbilly" if you could see the top of the (crumpled) car. Actually, this look is a fairly common sight in Montana! ;) One interesting side note - the bikes ON the car are worth MUCH more than the car itself!

  2. Ditto...any ONE of those bikes is worth more than the car. Takers?!?