Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Bears!

Just a quick story in an effort to catch up.  After we left Montana, we had to fly into Springfield (successfully not dying in the process), where Matt and the boy met us.  This was Matt's alma mater so we toured the campus and Matt resisted the temptation to tell his mini-me exactly what kind of fun was to be had after age 18 21.

Which sorority is that dad?
And by fun I don't think he meant bubbles in the fountain. 
Before leaving town, we visited the mother of all Bass Pro Shops to see the fish (?!.  The boys cooked up this plan on their own before even we landed - I am but obliging wife & mother).  The irony of leaving Montana with nary a moose or bear sighting, only to visit nature at its stuffed & mounted finest in a college town is not lost on me.  Actually it's a bit mortifying, but A/they had salt water taffy and B/I got my bear shot:
If I didn't confess, would you have believed me?
I might not have been able to pass THIS guy off.

Dude, real bears don't wear overalls.  That just isn't dignified.

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