Wednesday, June 22, 2011


~~~One of my favorite shows is In Plain Sight which I started watching because I love anyone from West Wing and because Mary McCormack's character is delightfully snappy.  She's pregnant on the show (google reveals she is in real life too) and since I'm home this afternoon with Mystery-Rash Boy, I caught up with my DVR.  Scene with the doctor:  "You're over 35 and high risk [because of your] Advanced Maternal Age..." 
I hate it when my diversions come crashing into my realities.

~~~Mystery-Rash boy either has a severe & systemic reaction to a random bottle of sunscreen, or he has strep (AGAIN!?) except the rapid strep test was negative, except they aren't 100% accurate and it takes 48 hours to cultivate the "real test", or it could be one of a gajillion other "viral rashes".  The urgent care doc didn't seem overly interested in the answer last night.  I'm thinking it's the first option because he's certainly not acting sick (though he looks like he was scrubbed with sandpaper) and the first option will also allow me to go back to work tomorrow - though this will severely curtail his sunscreen options going forth.  I'm whiter than rice & passed along those genes to the poor kid, so this is not an inconsequential concern.

~~~Matt ruined my computer.  We now have to order a "recovery disc" which may or may not work.  Grrrr.  He's supposed to be the techie half of this partnership.  [Non family friendly joke about him no longer being allowed to touch my hard drive].

~~~After all my hand waving about my skirted suburban mom bathing suit, we got the Landsend catalogue shortly thereafter and there were skirts!  And more skirts!  My apologies to Target for not realizing they were more with it than I am, apparently.  [Though it still feels wrong.]

~~~We moved the end table.

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