Sunday, June 26, 2011


I had to go into work this morning which was exactly as much fun as it sounds like.  Driving home I caught the tail end of this NPR program:  To the Best of our Knowledge, which I'd never heard before.  At the end they read the short story, Reversal, from David Eagleman's Sum, which was marvelous, and of which I also had not heard - which is one of endless reasons I love NPR.  In it he wrote:   

At some point, the expansion of the universe will slow down, stop, and begin to contract.  And at that moment the arrow of time will reverse.  Everything that happened on the way out will happen again, but backward...

You suspect [your life] will really be understood only upon replay.  But you have a painful surprise in store.  You discover that your memory has spent a lifetime manufacturing small myths to keep your life story consistent with who you thought you were.  You have committed to a coherent narrative, misremembering little details and decisions and sequences of events.  On the way back, the cloth of that storyline unravels.  Reversing thru the corridors of your life, you are battered & bruised in the collisions between reminiscences and reality.  By the time you enter the womb again you understand as little about yourself as you did your first time here.

Which has exactly zero relevancy to blogging.  Ha. 

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  1. That is DEEP! I'm going to have to chew on that one for awhile. :)