Saturday, July 2, 2011


Turns out my dry hacking cough was bronchitis.  Fabulous.  I'm pretty sure all my co-workers loved my efforts to lose a lung but that's what Purell is for, people.  A dear friend of ours arrived Thursday for a long weekend and I couldn't take sick days right before taking fun vacation days off.  Well, I could actually, legally, but then I'd slit my wrists with my staple remover when I got back, in despair over my inbox.

Yes, it was terribly hypocritical of me to go in and cough on the copy machine since I usually give snifflers the Evil Eye, hating them for bringing their microbes in, potentially breaking the work/life barrier and getting my kids sick.  But I dutifully took my Z-pack, was most likely not contagious, and I was a careful cougher (so, actually, not on the copy machine).  Still... sorry 'bout that, people! 

Matt finally made me go see someone because he alleged I was keeping him awake.  You probably won't appreciate the screaming irony of that statement but ... it starts with an "S" and rhymes with NORER.  But joke's on him because once I was given a bonafide diagnosis and pharmaceuticals I abdicated all household duties and went to bed early ...three whole nights in a row.  Whee! 

Which reminds me once again, for the 7456th time, that my mood is largely dependent on how much sleep I get.  The last couple weeks I've been fighting off, not only random pathogen, but also a wicked case of the woe-is-me-fml's.  It comes and goes, it's usually financial, and I usually just ride through it, remind myself that I have running water, etc, etc, etc and that these are nothing but first world problems but this bout lasted longer than most.  Not coincidentally about as long as my cough, which was worse at night, and was keeping my husband awake - the man who suspiciously can sleep through screaming babies.  So with my brilliant scientific mind I observed once the cough eased up, I started sleeping better and, 'lo and behold, the effin' rainbows & unicorns returned.

[I also got some screamingly-awesome news at work right before vacation, and my girlfriend arrived for a luxurious FIVE day visit].  Anyway, I'm back!

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  1. I'm glad you have a diagnosis, and I hope you're feeling better!

    There were many things in your post that resonated with me, from financial worries that you can contextualize as first-world anxieties (we had that conversation yesterday) to the irritation over a husband who miraculously can sleep through a crying baby.

    But the thing I most wanted to endorse was the sleep thing. It seems obvious, but it's often astonishing to me to find out how different the world looks--and feels--when I'm well rested.

    Glad you had/are having fun with an in-person girlfriend!