Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Speaking of first world problems and lack of sleep... it's well past 9 o'clock right now.  I worked late, granted, but I should be going to bed right now, maybe even after 22 minutes of the Daily Show, but instead I'm going to post some exceeding blurry pictures from the Fourth, go running, and try to figure out who is getting how much of my paycheck on Friday.  Probably while I have the TV on, so I might get sucked into an hour long show instead of Jon's 22 minutes of sanity & light.  Assuming I get up in time, I might get about 5 hours of sleep.  Which I can manage for a day or two but then what?  The ONLY soft part of my day is bedtime - surely there is a magic formula that I can use to balance my various "me activities" & house stuff (including the neverending ohmygoodnessWHEREdoesitcomefrom? laundry) with just enough sleep so I don't get whiny and grouchy?  First world problems indeed - At least I'm not washing the laundry by hand in the creek, right? 

Anywhoodle - we had a blast on Monday.  SO MUCH FOOD.  So much food all weekend - mango salad with cilantro lime dressing (a new favorite), gazpacho, grilled salmon, fajitas, cherries, strawberry & blueberry pancakes (so patriotic!), BBQ on Monday and pasta with homemade pesto...  guacamole, hummus, more guacamole... We had 7 grown ups over for dinner on Monday and enough food for 20.  Nevermind all the yummy leftovers from various other meals.  I'm halfway tempted to make a comment about how we celebrated America's independence by gross American excess but this is the bright stuff of life - friends, family, celebrations.  Love it! 

[This also by way of explanation for why I'm going running tonight, regardless of the time - let's all hope my knees don't collapse under the weight of all those avocados]

And y'all might love it along with me if I knew how to take a picture at night.  My neighborhood has not yet fallen victim to the evil that is Big Brother preventing us from shooting our eyes out and setting our neighbors' roofs on fire.  MULTIPLE neighbors appear to spend serious coin on professional level displays so we lined up our chairs, sprayed on the bug spray and dreamed of the day we could keep up with the Joneses.  Though we tried - oh, we tried! 
What are you planning on landing there?


Not pointing out the obvious here.
Because I'm not 14 anymore.

Terrible!  But I am documenting the sparklers for posterity,  
 in case Big Brother wins. 
Edited to add:  Am obviously (hopefully obviously) joking about Big Brother on this, the most patriotic of holidays.  What the various sides chose to go Big Brother over is a neverending mystery - marriage or motorcycle helmets?  Which is more restrictive and intrusive and has less effect on others?  What people do in the privacy of their own bedroom, or the goofballs who want to feel the breeze in their hair and end up in a coma in the hospital on the state's dime after trying unsuccessfully to swerve around a semi truck at 85mph?  And then sue the semi truck?  Nope - No opinions here.  Happy 4th of July! 

Also:  I got 6 hours of sleep. Bonus hour!


  1. Whew! I can't believe you jogged after 9 pm. My day winds down in a major way after 9. But then, my day starts really early--I try to get a chunk of me time at 5 am, and so far that's worked really well.

    Yes, first world problems, I get the need to prioritize. And yet it's still really challenging being a first-world working parent who's trying to have a tiny bit of life that is her own!

    Sounds like an awesome 4th--next year I'm coming to your place.

  2. You'd be welcome!

    I did that for a while too - early bedtime/early mornings. But sleep was still chipped away at. I have a huge amount of flexibility... just not enough hours. Who said "I'll sleep when I'm dead"?