Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kidding around

In a shocking development, they scheduled school to start in just 2 weeks. Why? When? How? Whaaa...? Good thing I actually checked the calendar. It is not outside the realm of possibility that I'd continue on my merry way until someone called looking for my child.  Or I could have arrived at summer camp one morning and wondered why no one was there to care for son.  I am an excellent planner.  

Last Monday (yes, am behind - I have about 4 posts in the queue), I took a day off and we went to Grant's Farm courtesy of the ever-awesome-can't-say-enough-good-things-please-just-sign-a-contract!-jeez!-please,please don't-leave-us! Pujols Foundation

Matt came here all the time as a kid...
(sorry, that was WAY funnier in my head).   
Here he is trying to convince our son how much fun rooting hoofed beasts are. 
My son, wisely, wanted no part of it.

Life saving, day saving mister.  It was hot then, it's hot now...blah, blah, blah

Just out of sight to the left:  FREE sno-cones.
Awesomeness in a cup. 
Also awesome?  Unlimited carousal rides.  My son, the danger magnet, still loves these.  How sweet is this kid?

Photo of our proudest moment (clearly NOT my camera focusing skills):  Mr. Pujols himself was sitting 10' behind me when I (tried to) take this picture.  Did my husband wig out and embarrass himself?  He did not. 

We both spent a few years in a LA and have more than a couple star sightings under our belts - yawn, right?  Plus we're too old to be wigging out.  Though Matt was under the same roof with various A-listers once or twice and is happy to tell you about it in e.x.c.r.u.t.i.a.t.i.n.g detail if you meet him in person.  I have heard the stories already (perhaps more than once?) so I'll be off scrubbing the grout or something.  But this particular star sighting?  Top of my list.  I was even tempted to ask for a picture (that's what blogging does to you - you'll do anything for a post) but he was with his kids and two uniformed security peeps so I restrained myself. 

A big thanks to the Pujols family for a fun day.
[Also? Bonus summer list item done!]


  1. That looks like such fun!

    Here are my top observations:

    1. Your daughter and my daughter use exactly the same sippy cups.
    2. I am RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT trying to decide if I should exploit someone's fame for the sake of my blog!
    3. I am very familiar with what your husband and kids look like, but since I haven't seen pictures of you, I'm developing an imaginary friend.

  2. LOVE Grant's farm! When I was a kid (ha!) we used to go there all the time and back then they would actually let you sit on the big tortoises and I rode a camel there once too (maybe they still do that?).

    Yeah for Albert Pujols!! Go Cardinals!!

  3. A -
    3: there are pictures of me here & there, but unidentified - either to maintain an air of mystery or because I'm unfathomably photo-phobic. One of the two. My SIL did take a couple cute ones... maybe soon.
    2: ?? Do tell!
    1: Ours are never more than 2 mos old. Darn dogs again.

    Carrie - I would have LOVED a turtle ride! Oh? You meant for the kids? Sadly that no longer seems to be an option, for either age group. No camel rides either.