Saturday, July 9, 2011


On Tuesday, before Auntie M left, we went to the Botanical Gardens.  Since there have been lots of other professional photos of flowers and garden trips on line lately (*cough*), I'll spare you my cheap camera/amateur attempts. 

Ah, hell - why not?  Here's one:

But more important are these two.  How do we feel about dressing twins in matching clothes? 

Matt, contemplating where these nice ladies could go in our backyard:

General running around, despite the heat

Want.  Along my fence.  Maybe some grape vines too. 
That would require actual gardening though. Huh.

The always fabulous Auntie M:

I love going when the lilies are in bloom - many have faintly scandalous sounding names:

We went back to the gardens again last night for a members-only picnic and music-thingy. 
Beautiful late afternoon light?  Check. 
Industrial sized bubble machine?  Check. 
Happy children?  Check. 
Extra camera batteries? 
Extra camera batteries?

Before the camera died:

At one point my girl needed a diaper change so I was standing in the very crowded, very humid bathroom with a stinky child and 40# of gear, while waiting a questionably long time for the large stall to open up to use the diaper changing table therein.  That is the moment that a mom approached me and told me her 13 year old son had DS too.  And, bonus, we're in the same school district, which she loved.  Nice!  I'll admit I would have preferred she'd said hello while we were lolling about picturesquely on our blanket 10 minutes earlier, but I'm not complaining.  

The whole thing was also funny because I had not that very morning made a comment on Becca's blog that in a perfect world these interactions would not be so noteworthy, because those with disabilities would be as much a part of "mainstream" society (forgive the term) as various races/ethnicities/sexual persuasions are now (as compared to 60 years ago).  But it's not a perfect world - so I'm make note.  Because it's just fun to find "like".   

I also saw this at the gardens but this post is long enough, and I haven't decided what to say about it yet:


  1. I like the idea of our lives needing to have purpose--doesn't have to be something huge. A small but meaningful purpose is lovely.

    And were those two ladies in the statue gettin' it on?

  2. I certainly suspect they were - getting it on, that is. Matt liked it!

    And I agree w/the need for purpose, including small lovely purposes, but I suspect the commenters you discussed in your pre-natal testing post define it differently. THAT is what distresses me.