Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Photo for Gigi

(Taken by my SIL)

A photo so the rest of y'all feel sorry for me.
Sorry it's sideways.
And, yes, I was stopped at a light, thankyouverymuch.
For the record, this was taken after driving home on the hwy.
So in theory, it's more or less accurate.

THIS is what it reads when I first get in:
(Taken a few days ago, with my not-an-iphone phone)


  1. Geesh! and I was feeling so sorry for myself here in the NE but we've gone down to the 80's again.... thank goodness. I am not a heat person. I bet you thought you've been moved to texas and no none told you?

  2. She is so darn adorable... and yeah, we're melting here too! If you wanna meet up sometime at a COOL place, we're game. :o)

  3. Love that picture!!! The first one.... The others are interesting, too, but for some reason they don't make me feel a sudden urge to run out and buy cute pink presents for someone. Well, unless it's a cute pink air conditioner. Or an iphone.

  4. Starrlife - Yeah, for someone who has a 5 degree acceptable-temperature range, I might be living in the wrong place.

    RK - I'm totally taking you up on that offer. Email forthcoming!

    Julia - 10 years ago I would've been the LAST person to condone the Pink. Now? Cannot get enough. Also, Pink iphones & other gifts always accepted (btw, have you seen the etch a sketch case for the iphone? If I ever make the leap, that case is a must).