Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sabotage! and Schedules

This week has just kicked me in the rear.  I started this post last night and gave up after rewriting the same paragraph for the 3rd time.  No particular reason, I just felt like a bug squished on a dirty windshield.  I have a long post that I've been wanting to write all week but I couldn't pull it together and now only have a little time before my niece's birthday - so y'all're getting more smorgasbord.  [Is this why people tweet?  Consider these long trial tweets.  I knew I'd get sucked in eventually.  Who wants to bet I'll be on facebook by Christmas?]

~~~ My brother & the rest of the family finally came back from their wildly long exotic sailing trip.  I didn't mention they were gone because I didn't want my internet addiction to be blamed if their homes were robbed*, but it's been terribly quiet these last few weeks.  My brother & I either have similar work tempos or the same level of ADD because we email.  A LOT.  Instead, I sent out sad little missives to random other people who didn't think I was nearly as funny as he does and who don't think emailing back & forth 37x a day is normal.  This bit, of course, is in no way intended to guilt him into getting thru the 400+ emails he mentioned so he can start entertaining me at work again.
     *Except they were anyway.  Maybe not so much "robbed", as shenanigans with the cat sitter who crashed my baby sister's car, but drama nonetheless.  And she gave him the keys, which was an allegedly questionable call.  And her insurance carrier just offered her twice what she paid for the thing.  And there's that whole "exotic sailing trip" thing.  So you have my permission not to feel sorry for her.  (Sorry, C!)

~~~ In the last nine days, I managed to miss my niece's, my sister's, AND my sister in law's birthdays because I am a terrible, terrible person.  We mailed my son's lovingly crafted cards (Ha! Though those were late too, natch) but I forgot to call on the actual days thereof.  It was made tragic when I emailed the family a not-at-all subtle hint thereabouts, perhaps even on of one of their actual birthdays, about my daughter's desperate need for more Signing Time DVDs, in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of HER arrival into this world.  Except that auspicious day is weeks away.  Nice.  They will be getting their very own birthday posts & haikus forthwith.  Happy Belated Birthday Everyone!

~~~ I'm now convinced Matt is trying to sabotage my blogging career.  After trying to make my laptop die faster, he did finally get it running again (and I'll concede it was zippier) but his Dexter-like tendencies got the better of him and on Wednesday he dumped a glass of chardonnay on it.  We now have a new no drinking and (hard-)driving rule.  It dried for two days and he swears it'll work just fine - as soon as we hook up the spare monitor and order a new keypad.  I wanted to keep the current one as it smells like butter (with hints of citrus and pear) but its little circuits seem to have fermented.  Also, the whole point of a laptop is that it's portable - usb cables and separate screens remind me of work.  The laptop lets me kick back in bed with pillows and a glass of win...  oh. 

~~~ And last, as much fun as continuously complaining about my lack of sleep & funky running times would be, I'm going to try a Brand New Schedule.  I even wrote it out (what can I say? I'm a geek visual learner).  I've been staying up later & later (& getting to work later & later) and my TV watching had skyrocketed because I'd be wide awake after running at 10pm and trying to wind back down.  I just gave away all my books in January because I didn't have time to read anymore - yet I've recently found myself at 12:30 in the morning on my third House*.  T.R.A.I.N. W.R.E.C.K.   We'll see how this works - stay tuned for another thrilling edition of Suburban Working Mom Trying to Do It All!
     *In the theme of always being late to the party, WHY didn't I start watching this sooner?  I love-love-love the one offs.  The random statistically impossible events which make me tick are the entire theme of the show!  Actually I do know why...  I have my very own brilliant-yet-difficult people in my life (hi dad!) and the first show I watched, when I initially decided (wrongly) that I didn't like it, just came up in repeats, and it involved a pregnant woman and sick baby.  Blech. That one was deleted.  But the rest?  Fun!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I'm an equally terrible person with birthdays, but I AM going to call my best friend today and not miss her birthday as I did last year!

    And I like your efforts at Tweeting here, although even in brevity you are too long for a Tweet (my problem, too).

    Finally, I am on Facebook but never use it. Blogging is far more satisfying. You've picked the right medium for yourself.

  2. Not sure how I found you (maybe through Alison?) but this post was funny and exactly what I needed, tonight! So, please continue your lengthy tweeting, er, blogging! Made me smile.:)

  3. Wayyyyy... too long for tweeting. Wasn't made for us wordy folks who like to blog. Although it may work better between you and your bro?
    Love the new header BTW.
    What signing times do you not have or want? I have a new Everyday signs and a Playtime signs?

  4. Tara - Thanks for stopping by!

    Starrlife - My brother & I are both wordy. IMs are blocked at work & I type faster than I text (nevermind the cell fees) - though our respective IT depts have blocked a couple of our more affectionate sibling mssgs: F-you! No, F- YOU! Nothing like family!

    Thanks for the offer. I'm gunning for them to chip in & get all 13 of Series One. No word yet, so if they don't unionize, I'll take you up on your offer!

  5. We got all of ST Series 1 fairly cheaply on ebay, but in fact if you follow the "available from other venders" links on Amazon you can usually find something even cheaper. Also, Scholastic has been putting out a lot of their books on DVD, and three of them are available in ASL -- A Pocket for Corduroy, Five Little Monkeys, and Goodnight Moon. Each DVD actually has the title book and two others. Plus they have great vocab review in the special features. Ben has been grooving on those. If you can find a used copy of Linda Bove's Sign Me a Story (VHS only -- still have a player?), get it -- it's fantastic. Also, are you aware of the Moses books by Isaac Millman? Love those.

    I just gave in to Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and the character limitation on the Status Updates is very irritating. Brevity has never been my forte.

  6. ASL BOOKS ON DVD!? Of course! Should have thought of that. She INSISTS on sitting cozied up when we're reading so she can't see me signing (hitting hte key words is probably a better description though) - excellent suggestion!