Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fifth of July!

Is that title unpatriotic?  I don't mean it to be but we were busy celebrating our country's freedom yesterday with ribs, pecan pie, and - as it will forever now be known - "blowing sh!t up".  Our dear friend just left and my kids will be in mourning for the next several weeks.  Because mommy doesn't generally play them cartoons on her iphone like this:
Auntie M is under there somewhere.

On Friday we sent the kids off to camp/school and went to the movies. Heartless, I know.  I'd defend myself with talk of the limited outdoor activities in 98 degrees (!) but, really, I was seriously coveting some movie popcorn.  [Super 8, if anyone cares.  I didn't know what we were seeing & wouldn't have cared if we watched 90 minutes of previews, given how infrequently I get to go these days... but definite two thumbs up.]

On Saturday we took the kids to Dave and Busters.  There was grumbling (from me) - I thought it would be a slightly bigger but equally grimy version of C.Cheese but it was surprisingly nice - my girl loved the lights and noise, the slightly upscale bar food was yummy, and I got in a few rounds of battleship - when not stopping my girl from tripping their electrical breakers.  Also, bonus, we won so many tickets we left with a new ice cream maker, amongst other trinkets.  [No one needs to do the math on what that ice cream maker runs normally.  We were victorious!]

On Sunday we went to an airshow.  The local DS group had mentioned a special needs airshow in conjunction with the big one downtown - all the planes were going to repeat their tricks at the small airport they were using as a base, and we could go with the promise of shade and smaller crowds.  Since I already confessed my kid-free Friday, I don't mind telling you that I jumped on this not because of my daughter, but because of MY non-diagnosed issues with crowds and heat.  Judge if you must!  I could try to convince you we went to increase my son's disability/diversity awareness levels and/or meet similar families... but sadly, no.  I was lured by an umbrella. 
Photo by Auntie M & her trusty iphone.  Doesn't she take fabulous pictures?   
Couple of random observations - in 2009 my girl used to cry at soccer practices/games when anyone yelled or clapped too enthusiastically.  Her tolerance had skyrocketed for the 2010 season and she even really seemed to love the casino sounds at Dave & Busters, but she did not like the planes - or the free ear plugs.  So that was fun.  The planes were of little interest for her when not making her cry with their dastardly racket, which I expected - but I did not expect they would hold equally little interest for my son.  Whose dad lives, eats, and breathes jet fuel.  They set up one of those $1.99 sprinklers for the kids and he ran through that with his girlfriend, whose family also came with us, declaring it the "Best Day Ever".  Dude - I just drove almost 50 miles for you to watch planes in uncrowded shaded comfort.  LOOK UP.  
Exactly!  UP!  [All photos taken by M.]


Yes, we get it... UP!  Stinker.
Gratuitous cute photo from the car ride home.
Also, at a couple of these events I've told him that we're going to see people that might look a little different and it's OK to ask questions but don't point [or say anything that might make their parents hate me ....what that might be I haven't clearly defined]. I shouldn't fret - he doesn't notice. Granted he was running around with the 2nd cutest girl ever but he hasn't noticed at other events, when not distracted. I've worried about him growing up in the whitest suburb in Middle America (potential sibling issues not being front & center yet) - but I think we're doing OK.
[*Furious knocking on wood*]

On Monday we made 16x more food than necessary and... blew sh!t up. 
Photos forthcoming!  Laundry and my DVR are calling. 


  1. Great pics, great post! We didn't blow any sh!t up, but instead braved the crowds and noise (you would have loved it) to watch the big display in the next town over. Your son's preference for the sprinkler and girlfriend over the planes reminds me of how Ben's favorite attraction at the zoo is the carousel.

  2. I LOVE your movie Friday! You are on a weirdly similar trajectory to mine, because Biffle and I did a movie night Saturday, and like you, I almost didn't care what we saw, because the fact of being out at a movie was wildly unusual and fun! (We saw X-Men, btw, and it was sooooo good.)

    I'm sorry you had to drive 50 miles for fun in the sprinkler, but rest assured I totally endorse your choices that make your life as a parent easier.

    Oh, and one more thing: I read a great quote in a book yesterday about kids and disabilities. I don't have the book here, but the quote basically said that if adults set a good example, kids are generally just fine with disabilities. I mean, for a kid, the world is nothing but a great stew of diversity, so why would they notice someone in a wheelchair more than someone, you know, riding a motorcycle or wearing a tube top?