Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Meeeee

Jack Benny was right
This should be the year that lasts
Freezing time? Botox?!
Still no computer
No baby pix to remind
me of the decades.

And I signed up for
another race to outrun
the drip of time, sweat.

But I had eclairs
for breakfast, lunch with friend, and
shared dessert with kids.

It was a good day.
It will be a great year, as
will ALL my three-nines.


  1. i wish I had an eclair for breakfast. I had to make do with oatmeal cookies.

    happy birthday!

  2. Wow, happy birthday! I'm sorry I didn't read this yesterday, so I'm a day late!

  3. Thirty-nine was good.
    Forty is even better.
    Let the good times roll!

    Eclairs for breakfast?
    I like the way you party.
    May life be as sweet.

  4. I missed it doggone it! happy, happy day! You are a spring chicken, puck, puck, puck.