Monday, June 6, 2011

The Wedding, Part III

The Rehearsal:

My sister went Full Girl for this wedding. Notice the flower in the hair? HA! Not her usual M.O. I won’t shame her by mentioning the matching flowers on her shoes. (oops)

Easy to be inspired when you happen to have a retired Manhattan florist extraordinaire on the job.  I would have linked to what is now his son's store, because he was awesome & larger than life, but apparently he's being shy, so as not to annoy the locals.  Neat guy.  Apparently all sorts of shockingly talented people retire to Montana - not that it's not gorgeous there, but I had no idea it was the next boomer state.

We had stopped by [his] home Saturday morning to check out the miracle of Fed Ex's international overnight delivery.  And the miracle of nature ....& thousands of years of human intervention.   

I do ADORE cut flowers.  How very bourgeois of me!

Doesn't she look like ET here?  Wearing Tima's jacket.
Unhappy about something.

Unhappy about something AGAIN.  Did I mention it was a long weekend with my girl?  Loved my time with her, loved seeing my family, but solo parenting in a hotel room, sans yard, toys, or separate room for naptime was not ideal.  She was crankier than usual what with all the extra people, missing toys, & disrupted routines.  And I was maybe less than fully patient as I had all but entirely abandoned my maid matron of honor duties and felt guilty.  Nevermind the skipped rafting trip. 
Maybe I'm unhappy at this ridiculous bow, mom. 
[Also noting the scraped nose while exploring florist's driveway. 
Just in time for photos!]

There we go - a smile!  Feeding the beast sometimes helps

But it was not to last.  The Cranky Baby Patrol, taking her away.

That's my elbow in this picture:

I come by my photo-phobia honestly.  My younger-younger brother:

My middle-younger brother.  That's him about to flip me off. 
Good thing I like his wife.

I have no pictures of the rehearsal night dinner but it's just as well, given how many I already crammed into this post.  I do have LOTS of grainy blurry artistic shots of the reception itself.  If you look close you might even see one of me getting my Elaine on.  Coming soon to a monitor near you.

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  1. Keep your eyes peeled, they're coming your way; looks a bit like "Grapes of Wrath" meets "Family Vacation"!