Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vignettes, Part II

Friday night there was a "bachlor/bachlorette" party which was really more of a BBQ at the lake.  It started off very sedate and civilized.

Montana is just gorgeous.

I'd been fretting about her reaction to the water, thinking she would hurl herself in when I wasn't looking.  She was surprisingly cautious. 

But she watched all the other kids (Uncles included) throwing rocks and decided that looked like fun.

The party picked up steam.

Till the groom (The one in the tux, of course. Why do you ask?) and his cadre worked up the nerve for the Traditional Speedo Dip.  A tradition, it should be noted, that started when the first of the neighbor boys was married.  In August.  You might recall it is not August, and the difference between August and May in Montana is significant.  The rest of the guests, you might notice, are sporting jackets. 


  1. of nearly-naked (and cold!) men...Not what I'm generally expecting from your blog. But I like it! Keep it up!

  2. That looks like a fun wedding! Glad that you're all having a great time!