Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Administrative Update

Girl's cardiology appointment went perfectly yesterday.  I made Matt go (since I'm trying to cram the work hours in) but was then distracted for two hours waiting for A Phone Call.  In a fit of genius, he brought a Signing Times DVD to the appointment so she'd be reasonably cooperative- Yeah Daddy!  They'll see her again next year, but then probably not again for two years thereafter.  Doctor pronounced her repair "perfect". 

Big sigh of relief.  I thinks she's perfectly healthy - she hardly ever gets even a cold* and is ACTIVE (putting that mildly) but I've been blindsided so many times at routine MD visits I get preemptively tense.  Let's call it traumatically induced white coat syndrome. 

*Except for the Great Plague when we went to visit Gigi.  Who hardly ever gets to see her.  GREAT timing for her one serious bug. 

Her eye surgery isn't scheduled till April, though were on the short-call list if there are any cancellations.  The biggest event will be our first Transitional Meeting (I wanted to write that in all caps. I restrained myself) next week.  The school reps will be there too.  She's 2 1/2 years now and will transfer out of First Steps and into the school district when she's 3.  I don't think we really enter the mucky messy emotionally charged (I also wanted to write fraught again.  I think I'll be done with that one for a bit) minefield of IEP issues till she reaches kindergarten age. 

Which reminds me I need to make friends with the lady who accosted Matt at our (inclusive) day care center.  She said she was a teacher there, her adult-ish (?) daughter also has DS and I think her sister/SIL works for the school district.  Or did?  Anyway, she said she's been wanting to meet us and gave Matt her phone number. (No, not like THAT.  Though he is a hottie).  In my new role as Advocate Mom, I will Collect Myself, Pick up The Phone (is the dramatic tension building?) and... invite her out for coffee.  Small steps people.  Small steps. 

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