Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's not all grim darkness around here

...sometimes it's annoyingly cheerful boasting. 

SuperMom returns!  In no particular order I worked this morning, helped the kid with a coat of paint for his 'boat' (the ginormous TV box), had a rousing game of balloon batting, & hosed off the urchins.  Spent time with the husband.  One canine (of three, but let's not get all analytical here) is also clean and even the foul Den of Dog (aka the laundry room, where the two smaller mutts sleep) was scrubbed down.  There would be phone calls to state agencies made if I confessed how long it'd been since that had been done.  Laundry's done, bottom floor's clean, and the boy wrote FIVE thank you notes.  While bribed and/or under duress, but written.  I am the epitome of virtue and efficiency.  Am also in a much better mood.  Thanks for asking. 

I even pulled out the crock pot and read the directions.  Shocking!  I'm not sure why every recipe involves two cups of gravy but I'm sure there are other options.  I think I'm going to start using this on days both grown ups are working, so the kids don't end up eating only cereal and toast (two different kinds of grains is a balanced diet, right?).  I have some significant concerns about leaving the mutts alone with stewing chicken though.  These are the same dogs that ate flour and sugar.  Straight.  The day after that the big one pulled fruit off the counter - not by accident either.  He ate pears.  Plural.  My mom said her dog likes apples, & I get that they're omnivores, but mine appear to have a sweet tooth.  Tonight, my matronly puppy got into a bag of marshmallows.  And a bag of lentils (?!), to balance things out.  They eat twice a day, they get plenty of treats (everytime my girl eats - she thinks it's funny to feed them), and they have brand new rawhide bones from Santa.  They aren't exactly being forced to forage.  But if I had the choice between marshmallows and dried cow hide, I suppose I'd pick the former too.  

The Evidence & the Suspect  - doesn't she look stealthy?

But this is what I'm the most-est proud of.  While puttering around upstairs yesterday, my girl climbed in our reading chair all by herself and started going thru her books.

Daddy kissing her goodbye & the sign for Daddy.
She still won't sign Mom.  She used to - I'm starting to fret. 
I'm sure she's just being a stinker.  The laughing whilst refusing is probably a clue.

 Sign for book.

Index finger AND cow recognition!

Also, babes in a basket.


  1. CUTE kids! Just found your blog recently and am enjoying it.

    My dogs will eat anything, including apples, marshmallows, and paper (any variety).

  2. Oh the paper mine have eaten! My dogs have decimated forests. Also baby bibs by the dozen, pounds and pounds of butter, and tragically (or not? Depends on whether I had clean up duty), a couple rodents. On the plus side it makes cleaning up after toddler meals a snap & my boy automatically pushes his chair in when leaving the table, after having lost a few too many meals.