Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mad Scientist

After repeated (read:  hourly.  For a WEEK) requests, I finally agreed we could do the rock crystals.  They didn't include the promised plastic rock-growing tray so I had to use my custard cups because I'd stalled on the es-periment long enough and had opened the box.  And everyone knows, once you open the box, there is no retreat, no deviation.  I sure as hell hope those crystals pop right out because I want my popover cups back.

He was very concerned about how he looked in his safety goggles. 
Do I still look like a scientist if they're up like this?  No?  Over the eyes?
They usually work better that way. 
 Waiting... the box said 3-4 days.
An eternity in 5 year old time.

The popover thing is a joke.  EVERY year I try to make popovers for the holidays and EVERY year something goes wrong.  Burnt - can't measure the three ingredients properly - burnt - tough like leather - have to scrape from side - burnt (trending...burnt?).  Thankfully my family can roll with the punches so we have back up carbs10 and they appreciate any opportunity to make me a punch line.

And now, if you'll forgive the indulgence, a photo montage of my little dancing happy princess.
Because I cannot cull or edit.


  1. love it!

    A. has those same pajamas. Happy!

  2. We're big on the PJs around here! (or just lazy). They do get dressed occasionally... but you wouldn't be able to tell from the photos here. Maybe that should be my NY resolution: Post photos of clean well-dressed children, instead of the usual 2 urchins.

  3. They'll be very well adjusted thanks to those cozy pajama days. (I decided to stop lurking now....nice to "meet" you Kate).