Friday, January 7, 2011


I was thinking about my biggest stressors right now, since I've been such a grump, and the only one I can do anything about is work.  The money thing *sigh* I can’t fix and it’ll get better eventually. The gazillion other things are just a subset to the money thing (can I write thang?  I'm thinking No.) – things that need replacing, fixing, etc. The increasingly shabby condition of various items?  Are not critical to a happy home.  Having a non-irritable mommy IS.

I gave my husband hell once when we were talking about his job/schedules, etc because he said something (probably totally different) but what I heard was his job takes priority (right now, over kids’ schedules). Settle down, it wasn’t that bad, it was just his phrasing in the first pass did not meet with my approval.

So it is with a massive slice of humble crow pie that I’m going to admit I really need to focus on work right now. I won’t bore you with the inane details of what’s I need to get done, but it is weighing on me.  And it’s the only thing I can fix.  Hubby would argue that I always say I’m behind but the nature of the biz usually hovers between orange & red on the alert scale - right now I’m under martial law.

The kids, as they say, will be all right.

[BTW, that movie got great reviews. I love everyone in it. But I just saw over the wkend and thought it was awful. They go thru a “rough patch”, JMoore cheats, then it’s all just magically OK?  Gah.  Let me tell y’all about rough patches. It wasn’t even funny].

So [skip ahead, this is note to myself] Friday - bills.
As a bonus this will result in clean bedroom as we moved all bills/papers out of the guest room/office for our visitors and a few errant footsteps + one toddler on the loose has resulted in vast expanse of paper spilled across our master bedroom. I wanted to make a joke about our new (processed) wood floor but ….No.

Sat morning – found a do-it-yourself doggie wash place. Our mutts are WAY OVERDUE and can’t wash'em at home if the hose is turned off because we live in flyover country where it freezes.  Drat.  As a bonus there will be less nastiness in the house.

Sat afternoon – husband will be at work. I will spend quality time with my children building organic origami playtoys. Hahhahahahahahaahhha.

Sun morning – Will haul my butt into work.

Sun afternoon – Quality time! Will corral son into writing thank you notes.  At least one.

And I’ll move my girl’s cardio appointment again (oops!) and ask her daddy to take her in on his day off.

See? All I needed was a plan.  Instant mood improvement.  

[Totally stealing this joke from my brother].

Later...Edited to replace random, possibly purloined, Plan of the Battle of Waterloo with free map from wiki.  The first map was better. Tough. 

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