Sunday, January 23, 2011

Late Sunday Afternoon

I should have gone into work this morning but Matt deterred me with a late night movie (Salt - awesoommme!) and the promise of more snow this morning.  I'm easy like that. And though I've been going non-stop since 7 (it's now 4:15), there has been -no- appreciable progress on the state of chaos that is our home.  Is 4:15 too early for a glass of wine?  I did spend a couple hours sorting through and boxing up my books... What I kept and what I'm giving away merits its own post (though it is suggestive of schizophrenia).  I finally turned on Signing Time for the girl on the main floor (LOVE Rachel) and something mind numbing for the boy in the basement, just so I could sit down for a second.  This is mortifying, but I am now "of an age" where being on my feet for 9+ hours make my feet achey. 

But I've no wish to bore you lamenting my domestic duties.  Photos from our snow day on Thursday. 

My snow angel

He had high hopes of a snow fort or, at a minimum, a snowman, but it was parched-dry powder. 
 So instead, he decided to dump it on me.
 100 years ago he would be trudging towards the pole on some Antarctic adventure.

Daddy's shoes
More photos of the kids in their PJs!

 What?  Are you just now noticing how ridiculously cute I am?

And if we're going to get all technical & braggy, the pretend play is exponentially increasing.  Though is using shoes and the phone appropriately really pretending?  Dunno.  Doesn't matter - LOOKIT THE INDEX FINGER!  (and?  dressed)
Also on the braggy spectrum - As part of the book cleanse, I gathered up all the Christmas books.  My girl (naturally) knocked them all off the table and then brought me one to read.  Story about the animals in the nativity/manger (? - sorry, my lack of religious training shines through).  Anyway, there was a cow.  (In the book. I don't know about the frequency of domesticated cattle in the middle east 2000 odd years ago.)  A real-ish looking brown cow with horns. Which looked nothing like the cartoonish black and white cow in Moo Baa Lalala.  I asked her where the cow was though and she pointed.  Wheee!  I remember her brother was late to talk (with the fun associated melt downs when he couldn't communicate) - then he suddenly just got it.  And it was exponential. 

[Would I be negative nancy if I acknowledged this is all receptive and/or signing and not verbal?   Dunno.  I still find it just .... marvelous.  I mean it's not like we have a lot of cows around us for her to be otherwise familiar with them. My baby sister's impressions of the midwest notwithstanding]

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