Monday, January 17, 2011

Bits of Weekend Randomness

I didn't do the dishes last night but I did clean off & behind the fridge.  I trashed the remaining small letter magnets.  I don't like to think of myself as superstitious, but the dogs (the smallest one, particularly) like to chew on these and I was suddenly convinced she'd eat too many at once, triggering a magnet-induced intestinal blockage, forcing us, in our fragile economic state, to choose between surgery and euthanasia.  I'm learning to listen to my "quiet voice". 

Moose, between haircuts

My girl had to do thank you cards too. Cuteness.
The battle with the boy over the remaining notes was EPIC.  I pulled out the "if you don't write these, no one will think you liked what they got you, so they won't buy you any more presents".  File that under things you never thought you'd say. 

Das Boot reappeared from the basement.  The nautical paint job isn't done but the ratio of crafty-time to the number of hours the cardboard will survive two small children was tipping in the wrong direction. 

I have decided I don't care for the Classy Bear project.  Oh! The pressure!  Here are some vaguely inappropriate photos of Mr. C. Bear, to lighten the mood.

The girl loves her some Signing Time.
Baby, Baby, Baby Signing Time... [insert musical do-hickey that I'm too lazy to figure out right now]
This would be cuter in a video.  Trust me, she gets into it. 

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