Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facing Down January.

[I wonder when I'll be able to use that particular directional word without wanting to provide additional commentary.  Or at least make a joke]

I’ve got nothing today.  Busy being grumpy in that two-three months-till-spring post-holiday everyone’s-gone-home slump.  Me and half the rest of the country.  Half?  60%?  70%?  I wonder how to google that…. Number of Sad People in January?

Just did:  January Slump is an economic term. Seasonal Affective Disorder is, of course, a real (though I suspect a little mockable?) diagnosis.  Fabulous, even my emotions are geeky & commonplace.

I also googled to get the picture… Did you know "Special Snowflake Syndrome" is a real phrase?  Worse, someone wrote into yahoo for a definition.  Also wondering if I need license to use (again with the geek).  I didn't crop the source out, so am providing proper credit, and have received (and deleted) a gajillion times as jpeg attachments in email forwards so not entirely sure they can claim sole rights... I suspect they aren't going to send the feds in after me.  Complaints can be addressed to getalife at seriously?.com. 
[BOY, I am cranky today!]

I just want more TIME. So I don’t feel like I’m choosing between work, kids, me-time, husband-time, and spending time scraping the top layer of filth off our house.  And universally shorting everyone (me included).  Nevermind I should just take the dogs for a walk (exercise = happy people + content non-aggravating dogs).  I hate it when solutions are so self-evident.  Anything that obvious must be wrong. 

So in lieu of the serenity prayer – because we already know I’m lacking the key wisdom piece, I offer this:
Twenty Ten Sucked Ass
Resolutions Aplenty
To Fix? Stop Sleeping

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  1. ugh, time. I could use more. also I know I'd feel better if I slept more but somehow sleep goes to the very bottom of the list.

    William got this book from his school:

    and I about died laughing.