Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11/31 for 21 Eleven Things

11 Things about my daughter:
1.  She has two middle names, as does her brother, and both uncles. My sisters and I only have one apiece.  Hurrumph.  The extra initial online(krlR) is courtesy of my husband (though not legally applicable) - I might be suffering from residual childhood jealousy.  Dad said he didn't think about it till later. 
2.  Her favorite songs are 5 little monkeys in a tree, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat, and Ring around the Rosie.
3.  I did not teach her Ring around the Rosie, because I once heard it was about the Black Plague and so I always considered it a little morbid.  Nonetheless, she's very cute as she very carefully falls down.
4.  She loves playing with my hair but is getting a little aggressive about undoing my ponytails.  Man, that hurts.
5.  She's had 3 surgeries:  one on her heart and two on her eyes.  We're hoping she doesn't make 4.
6.  She's sick again.  I don't think a mommy blog is a mommy blog till you talk about poop, but I don't really have the constitution for it right now (ha!).  I am just befuddled by the lack of other symptoms and the sporadic, occasional nature of it.  She's seeing her pediatrician tomorrow.  I will NOT consult Dr. Google.
7a.  Her favorite books are The Bear Snores On (Karma Wilson), Moo, Baa, LaLaLa, Blue Hat Green Hat, But Not the Hippopotamus (all Sandra Boynton), two books by Kate Toms, Goodnight Moon, and The Big Red Barn.  She likes other books too but will occasionally, randomly reject them.  These are sure things.  She anticipates a lot of the 'action' scenes & sort of signs along with me. 
7b.  I have not come up with a good way to sign & read to her at the same time, since she insists on sitting in my lap (facing the book & away from me).  I figure the snuggling and reading-while-pointing to things is also developmentally important. 
7c.  Not that my signing is a good translation anyway.  I mostly hit the key words I've remembered to look up.
7c.  Sometimes I just want to read and snuggle with her and not worry about the other stuff. 
8.  She can't isolate her pinkie finger yet so when she signs "what's wrong", "telephone", or "play", she uses her index and thumb instead.  I find this marvelously scrappy of her. 
9.  She is, however, getting her pinkie halfway up when she signs "I love you".  I find this marvelously endearing. 
10.  She's starting to stomp her feet when she gets mad.  This is only a little bit endearing. 
11.  When she gets home at the end of the day, she immediately requests Signing Time and will watch it till dinner's ready.  This is a massive improvement over earlier when she would stand in the middle of the kitchen and cry till dinner was ready. 

[I just checked Dr. Google.  I should not have done that.  CRAP!]


  1. "Dad said he didn't think about it till later."

    So he must have forgotten about it, remembered, forgotten, forgotten, then remembered...? Seems like a suspiciously selective memory, coincidentally in line with the child's sex and the number of given middle names. Let's recount history, in order of birth:
    girl, 3 names
    boy, 4 names
    girl, 3 names
    girl, 3 names
    boy, 4 names

    Hmmmmm.... I suppose our husbands' names are ours for the taking....????!?

  2. I guess....AFLO. Once you graduate (a-HEM), you'll be AFLO,P..(hd). Aflophead? All those years of schooling to be a flop head?

    There are also a lot of aflac jokes... Fun! I'll start working on those now.