Friday, October 28, 2011

21/31 for 21 Disney Query

This shouldn't count as a post, but I'm 8 posts behind in my 31 for 21 quest so what the heck.

Has anyone ever sought out a Special Access pass at Disney?  Their website addresses wheelchairs, sight & hearing straight on and then get a little vague about other stuff – mostly sensory issues presumably for kids with autism.  What about Down syndrome? 

One place recommended a doctor's note when, “guests' challenge might not be readily apparent…. The challenges of a Down syndrome may be more quickly ascertainable than those with autism.”  It was gently said, but there you go – “quickly ascertainable”.  Yeah.

So not diving into the disability pageant.  But anyway…

I get that Disney might be a minefield for any kid with sensory issues, that's not the point.  Here’s my moral dilemma:  I don’t think my girl has any hard core sensory issues.  Does she need to have sensory issues too, in order to get a pass?  Isn't the Ds enough, on its on?  But then again, I’m not sure Disney would be harder for her than any other 3 year old.  We haven't yet tried her in that tornado of long dull lines followed by brief thrills, sugar highs, sugar crashes, and crowds, all the while being stalked by giant stuffed creatures [doesn’t this sound like FUN?].  What's the "typical" baseline for an over-stimulated, over-tired 3 year old?  By how much do we have to deviate? 

Fact is, there are some things, no matter HOW "well" she ends up doing, that will be more challenging – harder – and that she might miss out on.  [I could tiptoe around that & add a bunch of qualifiers & downplay the “mainstream” experience but this was supposed to be a quick post & I’m rambling so will just cut to the chase].

So if there’s one place, the happiest place, that actually let’s her take advantage of that 47th and gives her some extra special attention and love, then why not?  Why not cut her time in line and squeeze as many thrills out of the day as she can?  Can we do this without diving into the swamp of disability entitlement?
I’m thinking yes. 
And I’m wondering just how magical that pass is.


  1. What the hell! Take it if you can get it!

    I heard from another friend that if a kid with Down syndrome goes to the Harry Potter park, they will definitely definitely be chosen for a special wand at the wand-maker's shop (you can see how long it's been since I've read HP: I can't remember the characters' names!). Our girls are too young for that now, but I suspect we'll take advantage of that opportunity when Maybelle is older.

    Speaking of which, we're going to the fair this weekend! Long lines, terrifying rides and animals, sugar rushes--I LOVE the fair! (Really!)

  2. I think - there are so many things she (and you) have to deal with, that any time you can use the DS for good, go for it.

    we have not braved Disney. I want to, but...eek.

  3. I think that it's fine- I've considered the same thing! I believe that Michelle over at Blueberry Eyes has gone to Disney and posted about it? And I'm behind too- perhaps 21 for 21 :)

  4. *phew* Y'all have blessed my project, so an Access pass we shall seek!

    Or: but the internet said I could!

  5. I was going to say I know lots of Moms who do it even just for kids like mine, it makes sense, it makes it easier and everyone has more fun so go for it! Have a great week.