Monday, October 24, 2011

18/ 31 for 21 Brothers & Sisters

I ran STL’s Rock ‘n Roll half marathon on Sunday.  Cut 5 minutes off my time which is good, but my first two races were hilly, this was almost completely flat & the weather was perfect so I’d be lying if I wasn’t hoping I would’ve gone a bit faster.  Let's blame my (barely noticable) cold and not my recent slacker training. 

With the exception of the bib pick-up (which was a cluster___k of epic proportions – it was set up in the same convention center at the same time as tryouts for America’s Got Talent.  Sadly I had the kids with me so couldn’t take the time to try out.  My special skill?  I can whistle The Boxer.  I know how disappointed y'all are you won’t be seeing that on your TVs any time soon) … the race itself was beautifully organized.  Lots of support, swag, & an amazing number of people rooting us on from the sidelines.  Bizarrely, I could have done without the bands along the race route, nevermind they were the focus of the entire event, but it was a big high to run with so many other people. There were 21,000 runners – get that many people on the street and even I, at my turtle-like pace, was passing people, so bonus ego bump.

My brother came into town to run too and we snuck out Saturday night to see Contagion.  In case you’re wondering, I would not recommend seeing a movie about an easily transmitted deadly virus 12 hours before running in close quarters with 21,000 sweaty, sweaty people.  Just a thought.

Also - the race was to raise money for TASK – Team Activities for Special Kids so, yeah!, personal interest!  [I don’t know anything about the group so can’t vouch for it, but looks like we’re their target family]

On a not-unrelated note, our Gigi lost her older sister on Friday.  The only one of her 3 siblings to have passed away.  I don’t want to take liberties and write about my great aunt here, but Gigi has told us some funny, funny stories over the years.  When we see her next week, maybe I’ll ask if she wants to share any and I can fact check the stories I remember.  The four of them always struck me as incredibly close – even despite geography and, between sisters, political divides, they still talked all the time.  My brother and sister and I have had our spats, but I can always count on them to show up for stuff – races, babies, races, Monday morning emails, races, and drive time phone calls.  I only hope we’re (still) as close when we’re in our 90s.  I hope to be as close to the younger two too, though they’ll still be lollygagging behind in their 70s.  My Gigi is a rock and not prone to sentimental displays, but I hope she knows how much we love her & how sorry we are she lost her sister. 
xoxoxoxo, k.

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