Saturday, October 8, 2011

8/31 for 21 The Summer List

Daddy, taking one for the team,
and for the sake of compulsive list makers everywhere.
Believe it or not, this was the best shot of 10.
We've actually done pretty well, though the fireflies have sadly left already - we'll have to do that twice next year.  And we'll have to focus on getting the jumpy house up before it snows.  [Please note my son's editorial corrections:  Lower case "j", mom!  Sadly, he did not notice or correct my spelling of cinnamon].  The museums will be perfect for late fall rainy weekends and my dear friend d. actually thought the giant bottle of ketchup sounded like fun.  Though she thinks we should wait till the giant bottle of ketchup FESTIVAL.  Which is exactly why she's so awesome.    

If I were really mom of the year I'd get up at 4am tomorrow to make yeast bread for post-camping cinnamon rolls but don't you think it would it be so much MORE fun if we dragged that bit out till, say, 2013?  The anticipation makes them sweeter.  Since I doubt anyone reading thinks I have a shred of domestic skill - my first "real" job was at Cinnabon's arch and now-defunct rival, so I can make them in theory.  It's been a couple decades years.


  1. my summer looks pathetic in comparison.

    cinnamon rolls: I only do it about twice a year, but I use a bread machine to make the dough. so much easier.

  2. Ok, you will not want to be my friend. We are so way more boring. Or clueless.

    I might just have to do a post on bad I am at knowing what to even aim for on a list like this.

    But anyway--KUDOS on accomplishing so much! And yay Matt for camping in the backyard!

  3. Damn, you're good! I'm satisfied on your behalf for all the crossed-off things--it gives me a sense of physical comfort to see things crossed off on a list.

  4. I LOVE crossing things off. Pathologically so.

    You guys are too funny - half of these things were breakfast foods & you'll note we didn't write down 'regular' bike rides. We really just got ONE in.

  5. You make me giggle! Thanks I need that.