Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4/31 for 21 I would have preferred to go without the food.

A retired speech pathologist recently offered to do some screening at my son's (Catholic) school.  I was tickled about this because word on the street was she was SEMI-retired and I had a little fantasy running she'd volunteer to provide us some top rate in-home speech therapy at a specially discounted co-parishioner rate, just because she thought my daughter was cute and because the universe felt bad I'd otherwise have to give up eating to cover it (maybe that was the universe telling me something else?) 

Silly me.  Not only do I still not have the nice lady's phone number, I also now have a 3 line referral to the public school system's special ed department for "further evaluation" of some speech "weaknesses" she found when chatting with my son.  My son

I can't decide if I should laugh or cry. 

Lest anyone get overly concerned, *I* am not.  The kid has a better vocabulary and speaks clearer than half the adults I deal with during the day.  If they want to work on his "R"s or whatever else I'm too schleppy of a mom to have noticed, then boo-yah.  He's doing great in school (though parent teacher conferences are in 2 weeks.  Stay tuned!  Surely there are more fun surprises waiting!).  The fact that they're going to offer speech therapy to my son but I can't get more than 90 minutes a week for my non-verbal 3 year old is just....  AWESOME. 

On a bright note, at least we already know where the special ed offices are. 


  1. OMG. this is funny. I mean, not funny at all, but..hilarious.

    you should go with it, and just bring her to the appointments instead. Act like she's the kid they were talking about all along.

  2. I totally thought about doing that! Yes this is her, er, him. He's just short, why do you ask?