Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12/31 for 21 Doctor Google

Matt took our princess to the doctor today.  She'd been banned from daycare again, so might as well, right?  Nothing else to do.  I'm normally enough of a control freak to have wanted to take her in myself but I stayed home with her last Wednesday, when she was previously banned.  [Which is why I worked late the rest of the week - I guess I hadn't explained that.  Lateness was a necessity, not some freakish inability to pry myself away from my desk].

Matt was very careful to relay both our perceived timelines (Me:  a month, since the BBQ race.  Him:  a couple weeks?) and he diligently reported the results of my visit to Dr Google to the guy with the real diploma.  The doctor was reportedly reassuring and managed to talk us me off the ceiling about sudden onset celiac disease.  He agreed it can happen, and those with Ds are more susceptible, but it's much more likely that her, um, issues are just taking their own bloody sweet time to resolve (oops, not bloody. NO BLOOD.  No one panic!).  Especially since everyone else in the family had some tummy issues right around the time this started.  That is House-like diagnostic work, right there.  He said that it actually NORMAL for diarrhea (sorry, I was trying to avoid writing that word.  Even the letters skeeve me out) to last up to SIX WEEKS.  6!!  That's just nasty.

Incidentally, our regular pediatrician was out so we saw the same guy who sent us to the hospital for RSV this past February.  The same guy who had told me I was starving my baby when I was struggling to nurse The Boy.  Maybe he didn't phrase it quite that way but that's what I heard - I was also well past the point of sleep deprivation psychosis at the time, so my memories might be a bit fuzzy.  Anyway, he's grown on me.  Water under the bridge.  (Even that metaphor sounds gross right now)

So, unpleasant, but not life-altering.  If my daughter suddenly couldn't eat wheat, we'd manage because you gotta do what you gotta do, but that would have added some highly unwelcome complications.  Big collective sigh.

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  1. Oh, woman, I hear you. I don't know if you remember this, but for most of the month of May Maybelle had what our pediatrician called "toddler diarrhea." It wouldn't go away, no matter what we did, until it finally just went away. We did no-lactose, no-gluten for a month, and it made no difference.

    According to our pediatrician, this is normal. Not a sign of poor health. Just a sign of not getting to go to preschool and having to frantically rearrange your work life.