Thursday, October 11, 2012

11/31 - 10/11/12

Did you know yesterday was today is 10-11-12?  Slate calls these Festivals of Numerical Coincidence.  I am noting this merely because I’ve decided all my 31 for 21 posts need to be titled numerically.  Totally unrelated, did you know blogger lets you backdate posts?  [I really meant to do this last night but fell asleep with the kids – getting 8 hours of sleep is its own festival of awesomeness].

In honor of everything falling into line, two vignettes about my children, who do not:
A month or so ago, The Girl’s teacher told Matt that she had walloped some kid that day.  Apparently they were in circle time, it was The Girl’s turn to do whatever it is they do in circle time, but the other kid tried to go instead, so my girl tried to grab/push/hit her.  Matt said he laughed.  Which I’m sure horrified the teacher.  *I* was horrified – that he laughed.  I know The Girl is starting to get frustrated with her communication skills and is at high risk of developing some behavioral issues because of it, but this was a one off and I will tell you that a little part of me is delighted at her feistiness.  No one is going to let her miss her turn.  I would have liked to say we are secretly delighted, but Matt’s guffaw and this post blow that option.
Yesterday an aide at The Boy’s school pulled me aside during pick up to tell me he’d gone to time out during aftercare.  There is, apparently, a rule against going back to your class after a certain point in time.  But he forgot his homework folder so asked teacher#1 if he could go get it.  She said no, citing this inviolate time on the clock.  So he asked teacher#2, who also said no and chided him for shopping his request.  So then he asked teacher#3, who didn’t know about the rule, and let him go.  I understand that there are safety and crowd control considerations, tossed in with a little personal responsibility lesson (remember your stuff!), but he was trying to get his homework, not spray paint to graffiti the school.  I didn’t scold him.  Of all the things I don’t want my children to learn, blind obedience to authority is at the top of the list. 

Love these kids. 

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  1. Can I tell you, some of the things that drive me crazy at school, are situations such as these. One of my favorites was when my oldest daughter was sticking up for a boy you was being reprimanded by a lunch duty person, for something he didn't do. Jess spoke up and the aid turned on her and said," I am 42 years old and you are 10 and you listen to me, I don't listen to you." Oh, that went over big with me.

    The blind obedience thing is top for me as well. I have raised 3 into adulthood and they have turned out pretty incredible, so I will stick with my method, you do the same.

    Have a great weekend.