Saturday, October 27, 2012

22/31- 33,000 Feet

I know how much y'all look forward to my travel disasters but I was dangerously close to not having anything to report this trip.  I made my flight out (barely - last person on the plane WIN!).  No excessively intoxicated seat mates, no forgotten items, pleasant airlines peeps...  And then the consummate professionals I was going to entrust my life to, as we hurtled thru the air at 33,000 feet, decided there were other, more enticing Friday night options & didn't show up for work.  I least I think that's what happened.  There was a plane but no one to fly it.  There might be a sad story, flu, car wreck - who knows?  Maybe I should be grateful they decided they weren't up to the task?  All I know is that I spent another night in Texas.  It was not fun.  I was grumpy and stayed offline.  Your welcome.  I'm hopefully (!) on my way back home now but then I'm getting right onto another plane (hopefully?) to go see my brother & my sister in law and I will break my apparently not inviolate no baby shower rule because she's expecting and I couldn't be more excited.  Though this put a kink in my shopping plans so... Yeah.  This has nothing to do with anything except I miss my kids.  And Matt.

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