Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3/31 - Favorite Book

This is The Girl's favorite book. It is charming, reads like poetry, & hasn't gotten old even after 754,456 readings. This is our second copy - the first crumbled with heavy use. I'm not sure we'll need another one though, since I can now recite it in my sleep.

And speaking of which, the last couple late nights have caught up with me so as soon as I'm done yelling at the TV (presidential debates tonight!), I'm going to toddle off. Hopefully with only minimal snoring.


  1. I purposely didn't watch the debate tonight so I wouldn't get all worked up before bed - ha ;)
    Must go check out this book!

  2. We like this one too, but it was left behind in the last move to America. Thinking it will go on the list..