Tuesday, October 23, 2012

19/31 - Five Whoots!

Darn it!  I fell behind in my 31/31 quest.  Rambly nonsensical post to follow:

  • I jinxed us hard by writing The Girl isn't sickly.  We went out to celebrate our 13 year anniversary on Saturday with some friends, picked up the kids from my awesome SIL and heard a little crou...  never mind, I'm sure it's just the night air. 
  • She woke up two hours later crying with a full blown croupy cough. Crap!  
  • Sunday I spent alternatively holding her or leaving the room to escape the incessant teeth grinding and inconsolable weepiness.  Matt took The Boy out on errands and then went to work.  Chicken.  
  • Matt arranged to stay home Monday and... she was dancing in the living room.  To his credit, he did not actually say I don't know why you were so stressed out, but I know he was thinking it.  Hrrumph! 
  • Monday night she woke up again at 11, crying and with another fever.  Stinker. 
  • Matt didn't comb her hair all day and she had white girl dreadlocks like Mel in Braveheart.
  • I ended up combing them out at midnight because first, I was horrified & they were only going to get worse, but also because if we did end up having to take her to the hospital I didn't want them to call social services.  It was BAD  (her hair - the cough was equivocal).  
  • Matt & I split CoughWatch today but now I think I'm catching something too - a little clammy & short of breath on & off, though I made into work for my conference calls.  And I pulled something in my left shoulder, probably holding The Girl all day Sunday.  You know what else includes clamminess, shortness of breath, & left arm pain?  Yeah, that.  I had a running internal conversation with myself about whether I really wanted to spend $50 at urgent care for someone to tell me I pulled something and am probably getting a cold and not the other thing, but ended up feeling better so managed to avoid being ridiculous.  Whoot!  
  • Things I got done today:  
    • One scheduled call with a vendor, 30 minutes late, girl howling in the background.
    • One call to the school, an hour after it began, to tell them she was still sick, girl loudly laughing in the background. 
    • RSVP'd for my SIL's shower which I should have done 2 weeks ago. 
    • Remembered I still don't have a hotel reservation for my biz trip to TX on Thursday.
    • Failed to actually make said reservation. 
    • Re-washed the same load of towels I first washed on xxxxx.  PLACED INTO DRYER.  Whoot!  
    • Failed to find the little slip of paper with the colossally inconvenient unilaterally scheduled parent-teacher conference time for The Girl's school.  Too embarrassed to email the teacher since she also recently reminded me I had forgotten to email Transport one day to cancel her bus, and I forgot to return a permission form in the 18 allotted hours.  Passed the task onto Matt.  Whoot! 
    • Made it into work on time for my other calls.  Whoot!  
    • Received an email from the girl's daycare scheduling their parent-teacher conference, that ended with "Thanks for being awesome". 
    • I'm choosing to believe that was not all sarcastic.  Right?  So that get's a Whoot! too.  


  1. I hope you're feeling better. The left arm scary thing would suck. I'd think it too though. of COURSE the worst case scenario!

    Texas! kinda jealous. have fun.

  2. Meh. Texas is a work trip, though assuming I actually make a hotel res, I will have a quiet evening of cable. And maybe a good meal courtesy of counsel... oh hey, this WILL be fun!