Friday, October 5, 2012

5/31 - 17 Huggy Things

HUnting the Good Stuff [HUGS], after a long, exhausting week:

1.  It's Friday.  Yes, a cliche, but I am NOT going into work this weekend!  
2.  Despite all the stress and the hours, I have a job.  That comes with health insurance. 
3.  Health insurance. 
4.  I actually LIKE my job, a majority of the time.  All my quirks become assets in the office.  
5.  My office is moving 20 miles closer to my house in 14 business days.  I will have at least an hour if not an hour & a half more time every day. 
6.  My new running shoes.  
7.  My fiscally irresponsible decision to sign up for a half marathon in Disney in January which is helping keep my shoes strapped on & my legs moving, even if very, very slowly.  
8.  People who agreed to run it with me.  Or at least stand next to me at the starting line for a few minutes. 
9.  Titanium (explanation forthcoming!)
10.  My husband, because he cleaned the kitchen tonight, among other things.
11.  My kids, who still love me even though they haven't seen much of me lately.  
12.  My kids, who will make appropriately appreciative noises over the blueberry pancakes I'll make them tomorrow morning.  
13.  The fact that I know the pancake recipe by heart.
14.  My friend D, who's willing to drag her family to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow too (because I'm obviously running low on pictures here!)
15.  My friend RK, who nudged me into going to a cheery/tumbly/something on Sunday.  
16.  You guys. 
17.  Industrial art, like this:


  1. Sweet list. I love a list.

    #12. We'll be having them too. It's our Saturday thing.
    #13 Um. Mix + water. Right?
    #15 One more YAY from here!
    #17 I know that place. And we like lots of those colorful things there.

    See ya Sunday!!

  2. Titanium. uh-oh.

    details on the shoes please! because maybe that's all that I need. the right shoes.

    that commute thing is HUGE. yay!

  3. Look at you, you little posting fool. I mean that with the utmost of love.

    As for me. Slacker. On blogging and obvious emails. But won't you be ever so surprised when you receive one.

    Keep up the great blogging effort. Lord knows someone should, seeing I am not.

    Have a great weekend.