Wednesday, October 24, 2012

21/31 - 15 miles

Today was my last 70 mile roundtrip commute.  I have to fly to Texas tomorrow, where I hope I won't be shot by the local plaintiff tort mafia, and I fly back Friday.  On Monday I will drive exactly 15 miles to my new office.  Google tells me it will take 21 minutes.  There's a 13 mile route but it's along one of those 2 lane 50mph country highways where you hit head on and die if the guy in the oncoming car sneezes.  I spent two hours in the car today.  That's a 40 minute different, twice.  This is HUGE, y'all.  HUGE.

I will miss my white board though. 
From a long ago birthday lunch. 


  1. Where in Texas? You know I live in Tejas, right? Big state though. You can drive for an entire day and still be in Texas. ... But if you happen to be nearby :-)

    1. I would have! But radically different part of Tx. Next time!