Sunday, October 7, 2012

7/31 - 4 years

In The Girl's birthday post, I mentioned I didn't have that many baby pictures of my girl.  My awesome SIL (yup, of iPad fame), then re-emailed me all the links to her Picassa albums.  Since she's the one with the fancy camera, this is no small gift.  I haven't gone thru all the photos yet and - truth be told - I was thinking about skipping this here blog tonite because I always get a little grumpy on Sundays, since I never feel like I accomplished enough or relaxed enough over the weekend to dive into yet another hectic week, and/or I had some TV watching I needed to catch up on (whichever explanation seems more plausible to you), but these pictures are worth sharing.  

Little buddha.  There may have been a parental figure cropped out who had some highly unacceptable post-pregancy blotchiness that I didn't have the retouching/airbrushing skills to correct.  No, Matt doesn't normally wear jewelry.  Yes, I am that vain.  

Highly tempted to make a joke about the burning holy water (these are from her baptism), but will settle for, "Awww, my little spitfire".

Who is THIS kid?  Good God, is he adorable or what?  


  1. Adorable. Both of the littles.

    And, hey, I thought that " all Down syndrome" children, are " just SO happy." Not the case for your darling.

    Yeah, well not mine either.

    Happy Monday.

  2. did you see this? Don't crop yourself. You're the only one who looks at you so critically.

    (I do it too, and I really do want to be better. Although that means I need to convince someone else to take the pix.)

  3. Happy birthday little one! She and Jakey are very close in age.